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[Due to DA's regulations, the first part has been omitted from this text]

"BLADES!" the copter whimpered lightly as he heard Heatwave shout.

"Y-Yes?" he called back, mentally cursing as his voice shook from the dream...though was it a dream or something else?

"I've been banging on the door for nearly a breem! Get out here, we go on duty in a
The firetruck told him.

"I'll be right out" Blades said, 'After I clean up a little more' he told himself and shivered slightly as he looked at his lubricant soaked berth cover and his chassis. For the past few days, Blades has had this problem, these dreams, where Barricade had him like back in the forest, pleasuring him and taking him again and again, making him feel good despite his processor saying that he shouldn't. His body heated without him even trying or thinking about it and he got overcharged until his processor started making him hear Barricade whispering things to him, making him hear things that he didn't want to believe, but...he was starting to anyway.

'I can't keep doing this' Blades thought as he changed the covering. His chassis was cleaned up and so was his thighs now, he felt calmer now than he had, the overcharge had ceased and the heat had faded to a comfortable temperature on his systems. The copter looked around and sighed softly before leaving, he felt tired since he hadn't gotten to recharge until late in the night. Opening his door, Blades looked back as he heard something and moved forward, bumping into another form.

"Oomph!" Blades said and started to fall backwards, but was caught by a quick servo.

"Whoa, Blades!" Heatwave said as he pulled the copter up from falling, making him land against his chassis. Blades flushed lightly at the feeling of the other mech's plating. He shivered lightly as he pulled back and sighed lightly, looking up to the firetruck and saw him looking down with worried optics.

"You don't look well Blades" Heatwave said and put his servo to Blades' faceplates. He had been worried about the copter more since the day of the fire, when Blades had been in the forest. They never did find out what happened, never found what had been chasing Blades, but they found him, unconscious in a small meadow. The copter hadn't woke out of stasis until almost a full solar cycle after being found. When he had come out of his stasis, he stared blankly ahead, coolant falling down his face and not making a sound. Boulder had alerted him and Chase about Blades, making them hurry to the copter's room and seeing the condition he was in. He hadn't said anything for half a cycle, not until he seemed to snap out of whatever daze he had been in and simply shook and cried silently.

Heatwave remembered clearly that Blades had been mumbling something, but he didn't say what he had said when asked, just that he wanted to be left alone for a little bit and went to his room. By the next day, he was back to normal...or so it seemed. He had smiled, had joked around and chirped up a conversation with Cody when the boy had shown them things about Earth that they didn't know about, but he didn't have the same spirit it seemed, in Heatwave's observation at least. He had lost that spark that made him Blades and he wanted it back.

"I didn't recharge well last night, couldn't stopped thinking or get comfortable" Blades said while covering his mouth as he yawned, flickering his optics off for a moment. Heatwave continued to looked over Blades and saw that he looked pale in the optics, tired in body and processor. He sighed lightly and looked around, they weren't doing much around base today, they were just on call while Charlie was out at Town Hall for something to do with the Mayor and Dani was still out of commission, so even if they got called, Blades couldn't come without Heatwave's approval to go without his partner.

"Go back to recharge, we're not doing much today. I'll check on you later" Heatwave said while pushing the copter back into the room. Blades looked at him and nodded, his processor was fuzzing up and he staggered over to the berth and plopped onto it, not caring that Heatwave stared at him with worried optics before the door closed. He groaned lightly as he rolled over onto his chassis and flickered his optics off, hoping that he didn't have anymore dreams so he could rest. That's all he wanted right now, to rest for a few goods cycles.

Heatwave sighed lightly as he joined Chase and Boulder in the main room. The other two members of the Rescue Bots were busy with cleaning up what little had to be cleaned while chattering with each other and their human partners as they came by and went around to finish things before ducking outside to go pick up some things for the base. Cody had left with Frankie while Kade left with Graham, leaving the bots on their own. Chase looked over to Heatwave and lifted an optic ridge as he didn't see Blades.

"Where's the youngling?" he asked, drawling out his tone in a lazy matter, something he had picked up from the younger Burns and some of the teens that passed by the station every day. He still had his authoritative manner about him, his love of justice and rules, he just had a lazy feel go through him today as it was some rare down time they had.

"Back in recharge, he didn't look well and I was afraid that he'd collapse without warning" Heatwave said while picking up some data pads they had laying around.

"I heard him last night, he didn't sound good, muttering and whimpering, I though he was having a memory purge or something" Boulder said, worried for his copter buddy. Heatwave sighed again and flickered his optics over to Blades' room before going back to cleaning up while Chase went over to start cleaning the wash racks, it had been Blades' turn, but now it was his since the copter was out of commission.

The firetruck groaned as he and the other two Rescue Bots finished with their cleaning and disappeared to do whatever they wanted while he went to check on Blades. He knocked on the door lightly before clicking the door open, surprised it hadn't been locked like the past few weeks. He went in and closed the door before feeling his optics widen as he saw Blades whimpering and mewling on his berth while he seemed to shift and try to relieve something that seemed to be between his legs. His optics flickered to the orange and white thighs and saw that Blades was leaking lubricant and shivered softly as his own body started to heat up at the sight. It had been quite a long time since he had interfaced with someone, even longer since he interfaced with someone he cared about and Blades was the latter of the two without question.

The firetruck shook his helm. He couldn't do that! This was Blades! Sweet, innocent, cheerful Blades that was having a difficult time getting past whatever he had dealt with in the forest. But this was also the Blades that teased him, messed around and was a bit of a prankster that wound him up like a spring in his cogs. He shivered lightly as he started moving over towards the copter that seemed to whimper in pain slightly the closer he got. Heatwave placed a servo on Blades' arm and shook him, trying to wake him and hold back his want for the younger mech. The leader of the Rescue Bots didn't expect for Blades to look at him with glazed optics and coolant dripping down his faceplates.

"I-It hurts" he whispered lightly to Heatwave and hiccuped lightly as he curled up to the firetruck, not really seeing the mech other than the red color and feeling his frame. Heatwave gasped lightly as he felt the heat rise off Blades' form and wrapped his arms around him, hearing him whimper and choke lightly as his servos ran over his back. His optics darkened and lifted Blades' chin, rubbing his cheek lightly, spreading the coolant away, and leaned in to kiss him. Their lips connected and sweetly, Heatwave added pressure to the kiss as Blades kissed back. The copter whimpered lightly and kissed back, leaning into the kiss and making a slightly started noise as he was lifted up and Heatwave moved behind him.

"I'll make the pain go away" Heatwave said as he made Blades lean against him.

[This part of the text has been omitted due to DA's regulations]

He grabbed a cover and pulled it over Blades as he offlined his optics and seemed to go into recharge, he couldn't clean him without taking him to the wash racks and he knew that Chase and Boulder were out in the main room along with Kade and Graham.

'How long did we...?' he questioned as he ran a servo over the smaller mech helm, unsure how he was able to get the glass off him without damaging it in the process, but he saw it glint next to the berth with the rest of the copter's armor. He sighed lightly before moving out of the room and slowly closed the door to not get unwanted attention.

"Hey Heatwave! Sorry we can't talk, it's about time we got home for dinner" Graham said as he and Kade moved towards the exit of the station. Heatwave nodded to them and wished them a safe trip home before sighing and covering his faceplates while groaning as he sat down.

"What's wrong with you?" Chase asked him. He wondered what had taken him almost two cycles to do if he had just been checking up on Blades.

"We have a big problem" the firetruck said as he put his servos behind his helm, "It seems that Optimus and his team are going to have to come here" he told the other two mechs before telling him about Barricade, not telling him all of what he had to do to get it out of Blades, only saying that he got the smaller mech to talk. He lied on a few details, unsure if they were true or not, and made both mechs blink, gasp and growl.

"He's going to be a slag pile when I'm through with him" Chase said before turning to go to Blades' room.

"He's in recharge, I wouldn't go disturb him, took him a while to get into it undisturbed" Heatwave said, not wanting Chase to see what he did to Blades and get him, making him feel no better than the rouge 'Con. Chase looked at him and saw in the others optics that Blades wouldn't be much for talking and groaning lightly before cursing in their native tongue and heading over to the console to get in contact with their Prime.

Blades flickered his optics on and whimpered lightly as soreness in his valve and lower back struts ran up to show that he would be in pain. He blinked and choked lightly as he remembered what he and Heatwave did, what he in particular did. It was unforgivable in his processor. He called himself a low level pleasure bot, a filthy interface slut, and several other things that were both in Cybertronian and human English, the latter learned without figuring out the true meaning until he heard the words and was interested in figuring out what they meant. Coolant fell from his optics as he lifted himself up and cleaned up the residuals of the interface session and choked as he put his armor back on, wondering if he could face Heatwave after that.

'I...I can't do it' he said in his processor before putting his helm against a bent knee and let coolant fall from his optics. He couldn't face Heatwave again, nor could he face the others, they probably knew or would find out easily when they looked at him, seeing his dirty frame and servos.

"Pretty mech, you're so pretty when you cry" Blades heard Barricade's voice start up in his processor again. He blinked and flickered his optics off for a second. His servos went up to cover his audio receptors to try and block out his voice.

"Awe, don't be like that sweet spark" Barricade's voice purred and he whimpered lightly as he heard it continue. Did Barricade care? Blades wondered this, he called him pretty one, sweet spark and other sweet things while he took him, he didn't call him nasty things or make fun of him.

"Come to me sweet spark, I'll take care of ya" the copter blinked and sighed lightly. He couldn't stay here with the Rescue Bots, not after what he and Heatwave did, what he could have stopped, could have said no to. It wouldn't be right and he'd feel dirty around the others if he stayed. Blades lifted himself up off the berth gently and started to go over to the door and peaked out of it. It was late, the rest of the team wasn't out and it was now that he could get away easily. Blades moved quietly towards the helipad, silently apologizing to the team as he passed their rooms then to the whole base as he left the inside. He got up to the pad and transformed, whimpering lightly at the small pain he felt then started his wings up before lifting off and going away from Griffin Rock.

Chase groaned and flickered his optics on. He didn't know what made him come out of recharge, but there was a feeling of something wrong was going on. He got up and rubbed his face plates before going to the door and opening it. He looked around and stepped out to the main room and went to check the security cameras around the base, something Charlie and Optimus had agreed on using despite the low crime rate in Griffin Rock. He sat down at the console and flickered on the cameras, checking the feed before furrowing his optic ridges together as he saw nothing outside the base and only saw him on the inside.

'Why do I have this feeling then?' He asked himself and entered the pass code for the recorded feed and started going backwards. Outside had been normal, though someone was going to get yelled at for being out pass curfew. On the inside he blinked and looked at the screen as he saw movement from the shadows of the main room. He stopped the feed and zoomed in on the image, making it clear itself up before widening his optics as he saw that it was Blades.

'Blades? What?' he questioned and went to the younger mech's room, finding it empty. He rushed up to the helipad, which he had seen the mech going and looking around. He found no one up there, no Blades, and no sight of the orange and white copter in the distance or below the base's roof. Chase ran back in and alerted his other team mates. They groaned and came out of their rooms, grumbling and glaring as they came out of recharge slowly.

"Slag, Chase, what is it?" Heatwave asked, he had just gotten into recharge as he had been thinking of ways to talk to Blades and apologize for what he did, so far nothing could make up to him using the smaller mech. His and Boulder's optics widened when Chase told them something that made their sparks freeze.

"Blades' gone."
Gah! I had to omit a ton of the original text so it could fit DA's regulations :(, but at least I can direct you over to the full text with a little button such as this


Hope you enjoy!

To the prequel!: [link]
To the sequel!: [link]

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